"A bunch of people came up to me the day after you came to UNH saying they were already seeing a noticeable change at their meetings. One president really took your talk to heart and is completely revamping how they do their meetings and enforce basic membership expectations. We are seeing really positive change happening, and I just had to thank you again for coming to our school.”

– Val Luutran, University of New Haven (CT)


“T.J. was an entertaining, personable speaker! He was very approachable and put on an excellent speech that engaged the audience easily! He connected with the audience through his jokes and stories that relate perfectly to student life. He gets better every time I hear him!”

– Sarah Lizewski, Clemson University (SC)


"T.J. made a perfect presentation for our clubs and organizations. Many cite his lessons when trying to rectify apathy issues within the organizations. All of our student leaders loved it."

– Nick Bliesner, St. Leo University (FL)


"As service chair of my chapter, I've too often fallen into the trap of considering attendance as the most important marker of success. Thanks for reminding me that what we're doing isn't about numbers. It's about impact on those who serve and those we serve."

– Helene Matschek, Oregon State University


"T.J. was funny and gave great examples and stories ... the ideas and techniques he presented aren't far fetched and something chapters and councils can take back to their members immediately. I could see our women connecting with what he had to say

– Taylor Symons, James Madison University (VA)


"T.J. is one of the most engaging speakers I have heard. He presents real life solutions to real life problems that we face while being absolutely hilarious! Be prepared to laugh, have a gut check moment, and come away inspired. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a presenter who will be absolutely memorable."

– Danny Holderby, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia


"If I could, I would honestly invite T.J. to speak every single semester to our leaders because I know they would not only be entertained but gain knowledge to help their individual organizations grow. I understand why he has spoken at so many different places and receives recognition for all he does."

– Jeremy Butler, Northwest Missouri State University


"Where was this book and advice when I was in college? This is a must read for all student leaders. It provides tangible steps that will get them unstuck."

– Mike McRee, North American Interfraternity Conference


"Motivating the Middle is one of the most inspiring books that I read so far this year. It was a quick read, but from beginning to end, I felt like Sullivan knew me personally. Every student leader could benefit from this book. Sullivan gets the message across in a perfect length for any busy student leader. Like me!"

– Chandler Thompson, North Carolina State University


"I appreciate your brutal honesty, and you opened my eyes to how we, top-third leaders, interpret our surroundings. Motivating the Middle will help me approach chapter morale issues so much more effectively."

– Theresa, Sigma Alpha Sorority


"Motivating the Middle really resonated. I felt alone in the issues I was having trying to engage my members and you reminded me that it's OK to not have complete control over everyone and every activity. Thank you for showing me that I was being a little bit insane."

– Charlotte Yones, University of Florida